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D.C. van Geest potplanten is a forward-thinking nursery with five locations in Westland. We grow potted plants with the utmost care on an area covering 15 hectares. 

Our product range consists of Areca, Musa, Radermachera, Schefflera and our Phalaenopsis. . They can be recognised by our own G-style, Ultimate Sweetness and Glamour Collection labels. 

You & Me in a green world

For many years, under the name of ‘G-style’, we have been growing plants with a long lifespan and good quality. These plants are grown in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. To better express our goals, G-style is being given a makeover. 


The 9 cm phalaenopsis with the MoreLIPS label is a colourful flowering plant.
With MoreLIPS you give not only a plant but also love and friendship.
The compact size of the phalaenopsis make it an excellent match for the cheerful MoreLIPS packaging. 

21 Januari - 25 Januari 2019

IPM ESSEN 2019: Visit us this week during the IPM (from January 22 to January 25) in booth: 1E28. We are ready to answer your questions, but also to show you our beautiful extensive collection.

Januari 2019 - 
the Chefflera Amata compacta

Now also available: the beautiful Schefflera Amate compacta. This plant originates from Australia and is also called the finger tree by the characteristic shape of the leaves. The large shiny leaves resemble a hand with outstretched fingers. The plant stands out well, because beautiful glossy leaves grow from top to bottom. The variety that we grow is the Schefflera Amate Compacta which naturally grows both in width and in length. This makes this plant not so extensive, but the plant remains nicely compact.

September 2018 - new ....
de Radermachera

From September 2018 we have the Radermachera Bonsai in our range. The high aerial roots ensure that this type of plant is a decorative mangrove tree. The plant originates from the subtropical mountain regions in China and Taiwan and is named after the Dutch botanist Jaco Radermacher. He looks like the coffee plant through its wavy leaves. With weekly water, this plant is an easy plant in the care.

Summer 2018 - Product Proof...
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For many years we have registered MPS-A, -GAP and -Socially Qualified under number 600780. Since July 2018 we are also ProductProof, with which you can also follow the inside of the product. Through residual samples our products are tested by MPS, which can be followed via In addition to the external beauty, the inside of our plants can now also be viewed. We like to show that our plants are not only long-lasting, but that the cultivation is also sustainable.