Our product range consists of various species of green and flowering house plants:

The standard of quality for each product is equally high. In order to achieve this, we follow the methods laid down in our quality assurance system. To underline this we hold MPS-A, MPS-GAP and Socially Qualified accreditation under number 600780. Our current status can be found on the MPS website.

Radermachera Bonsai


Deze tropische mangrove is onze nieuwe aanwinst. De Radermachera Bonsai kweken we in de potmaat 23cm.

Deze compacte kamerplant heeft een volle en robuuste uitstraling met een glanzend groen blad.

Meer informatie over de Radermachera vind je hier.


We only deliver Phalaenopsis in various species and sizes, after they have undergone stringent checks. Each plant is lovingly grown with respect for the environment, so they can provide the end consumer with maximum enjoyment. 

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We grow Areca palms in sizes 90 to 180cm. These are big boys that have a fresh-looking appearance and outstanding durability. Arecas are perfect for use as green, decorative items. 

More information about these air fresheners can be found on the Areca page.


We grow Musas, or banana plants in spring and summer. These are tropical mood-makers for any room. 

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