You & Me in a green world

For many years, under the name of ‘G-style’, we have been growing plants with a long lifespan and good quality. These plants are grown in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. To better express our goals, G-style is being given a makeover.

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We only allow the best and most beautiful plants into your living room. You can count on that. G-style is a guarantee that the plant you buy will be of excellent quality and have a long life. Obviously, it will have been grown in a responsible way.


Flowering or green... all plants bearing the G-Style label last a long time and have a very high decorative value. In other words, they are the top of our range:
-Extremely long-lasting
-Excellent quality
-Attractive colour
-Lovely presentation
-Grown in environmentally friendly conditions

Care tips

If you would like to know more about taking care of our products:
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